building-materialOGI, in order to effectively serve and support the procurement divisions in its own companies, has created a fully fledged building material division that imports and distributes building material supplies in the territories. This has proved to be a success for the Manufacturers that we represent and to the Clients that we serve.


Our added value to the suppliers and manufacturers are:

  1. Assured orders that caters to OGI’s Housing Construction Company, Aishi. This represents a continuous and consistent flow of supplies, with regular business and volumes.
  2. In house knowledge of the product and expertise in the full cycle including installation, warranty, and maintenance where applicable.
  3. Availability of logistics in terms of warehousing and transportation with their proper information support systems.
  4. Dedicated Sales force that report and liaise directly with their manufacturers’ counterparts.
  5. Feedback on market dynamics and market requirements with timely reporting systems to the manufacturers.
  6. Long term relationship with quarterly projections.
  7. 16 years of distribution knowhow and experience in multiple and diverse industries.


Our added value to our clients are:

  1. Majority of the Products are directly sourced from the manufacturer, providing a highly attractive price/performance ratio.
  2. Fast response time and short delivery lead time.
  3. Customizable solutions that meet specific customer requirements.
  4. Our guiding principle is Emphasis on long term relationship resulting in favorable conditions and optimal support to our clients.