Our goal is to ensure that businesses, being a primary driver of economic progress, operate in ways that benefit social welfare and societies everywhere.


In addition to generation profits and enhancing the value of Oasis Gulf Investment’s assets, our projects are designed to make significant contributions to the development of economies by generating hard currencies, improving living standards, making opportunities available to the citizens of those countries, and improving global environment. In all of its operating procedures and policies OGI integrates sustainable development considerations within the corporate decision-making process.


One of Oasis Gulf Investment’s objectives is to promote major improvements within the education and training establishments of developing countries. Accordingly, Oasis Gulf Investment is preparing to establish a technological and technical institution.


OGI specializes in working with developing countries on humanitarian projects, by raising capital and undertaking energy projects. We understand developing countries face the challenge of simultaneously reducing energy poverty whilst increasing energy production in their growing economies.


Private support to international development and humanitarian assistance has become increasingly important in recent years. From major charitable trusts and foundations injecting funds into global health and poverty reduction initiatives, to businesses and corporations financing aid programs under corporate social responsibility programs.