OGI is a U.A.E. company incorporated in JAFZA, Dubai UAE United Arab Emirates.


OGI seeks to have a significant role in the reconstruction, rehabilitation, modernization, development and sustainability projects in the emerging countries.


Since its inception, OGI’s mission has been to develop and strengthen its investment portfolio by investing in vital economic sectors. This mission was initiated by several GCC and African based shareholders who had a clear sustainable growth goal, and a belief that the emerging market in their region represents unique business opportunities that offer substantial returns.


Today, OGI has grown its portfolio of investments to include various sectors that are vital to nation building with returns emanating from these investments that are rewarding for the shareholders. These sectors are Energy and Renewable Energy Production, Real Estate Development, Turnkey Sustainable Housing Solutions, Contract Farming, Facility Management, Building Material Distribution and Installation, Medical Equipment Services Contracting, and Agricultural based industries.


Although focused on emerging markets and its economic potential, OGI maintains international standards and business practices, benefits from the experience of founders from across the region, and remains focused in its determination to forge ahead in long term nation’s development. Combining GCC and African knowhow and experience has provided OGI with competitive edge and unique insight on business development projects and investments. A guiding principle in our business investment model is a win for all criteria: win for economic development and win for OGI investment. This win for all criteria resulted in the perception that OGI is an economic partner for the public and private sectors where we operate.


OGI founders and shareholders seek to be a source of inspiration for other investors in order to ensure a generational commitment to nation building for many years to come. We believe the way to contribute to economic progress is through private FDI (foreign direct investment) and ethically conducted business practices.