OGI is an active partner in MULK OGI


OGI consolidated its experience and knowhow in renewable energy with the launch of MULK OGI, a company with a mandate to execute EPC electrification based projects that deploy renewable energy technology.


The company’s ambitious vision is to participate in delivering modern energy resources to the 495 million people in Africa and in so doing, present tremendous value to its shareholders. Backed by strong expertise and working with strategic partners, Mulk OGI engages the most diverse regions to bring cleaner sources of energy and improve the quality of life.


Mulk OGI is headquartered in Sharjah, UAE, with offices in Hamriah, Free Zone. The group, which emphasizes solar projects, is currently pursuing the development of renewable energy projects in several countries in Africa.


MULKOGI offers comprehensive clean energy consulting, management and operational services. We have extensive experience in solar energy and other green technologies; we provide renewable energy programmes and project management for businesses and government clients. OGI specializes in sustainability and environmental issues.


The transition to renewable energy is an irreversible trend; clean, safe, reliable and cost-efficient power from an alternative source. We help you manage the journey from your initial vision to realization of an operational asset; design, build and maintenance of solar, wind or hydro-electric energy systems. Our goal is sustainability, at the same time being economically viable.


The benefits of renewable energy generation tend to materialize in the medium to long term and accrue at the level of the entire economy, country and/or society. However, businesses, given their role in competitive markets wish to gain more immediate financial benefits.


Mulk OGI won a multimillion USD contract to provide Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) expertise for the pioneering USD 18 million projects, based in Freetown, Sierra Leone, to become West Africa’s largest solar park.


The Solar Park in Freetown, with a capacity of 6 MW, has been selected from over 80 competitive project applications and countries for the first funding cycle of the prestigious International Renewable Energy (IRENA/ADFD) project facility. All the selected projects contribute towards helping address energy security, improving energy access as well as creating a broad socio-economic impact. Further, each project will inspire and enhance the development of renewable energy projects across the globe.


Being awarded with this prestigious and high profile project demonstrates MULK OGI’s capability as an active player in this industry.


OGI is the official distributor for Masdar PV products and systems (www.masdarpv.com). The combination of Masdar PV technology with our system integration experience and access to financing makes us uniquely positioned to realize medium and large scale solar systems and solar parks.


We provide an integrated planning and energy service for an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable renewable energy projects. Taking a comprehensive approach, our work ranges from ensuring that clients can reduce energy consumption to developing renewable sources, improving grid reliability and cutting emissions from fuels already in use.


We provide the full life-cycle of a renewable energy project, from proof of concept through to construction, we work with you to manage your asset safely and cost optimally.