OGI investment strategy is based on three main pillars: sector diversification, long-term investments, and well-founded partnerships. Partnering with local, regional, and international institutions which have the experience in launching and managing diverse investments and bringing best business practices and cutting-edge technologies to the country remains constantly a corner stone in OGI investment strategy.


OGI’s main focus and aim is to promote foreign direct investment (FDI) from GCC into African countries through strategic business partnership development and project finance. The potential for highly profitable investment in Africa is enormous, but many investors remain unaware of the past record and current opportunities, According to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Africa’s profitability are one of the best kept secrets in today’s world economy.”


Africa is home to nearly one-fifth of the world’s natural resources and more than half a billion people. As Chinese and Western commercial relations continue to grow with many African economies, an increasing number of GCC (Public and Private sectors) are recognizing the opportunities on the continent for mutually beneficial business partnerships and investments. The key to unlocking these opportunities is to develop and identify financing for these projects and strong partnerships both regionally (in Africa) and the GCC.


OGI aims to contribute significantly towards economic development and job creation in all the emerging countries that it invests in whilst ensuring sustainable returns to our shareholders. As our company recognizes that our expertise in the business environment in the emerging countries that we operate in is unique and has therefore adapted its investment strategy according to these three pillars to mitigate risks and grasp the numerous opportunities.


Since established, OGI has worked diligently to execute mid and large-scale long-term investments across various vital economic sectors, partnering only with high ends professionals in their field and with trade records of success. Our investment team at OGI is well-equipped with the right evaluation tools, market knowledge and business savvy enabling us to confidently identify promising business opportunities in emerging countries.