OGI believes that investment in African agriculture is a solid business opportunity rather than a charity related sector. Agriculture has formed the backbone of Africa’s economics. In addition, the sector contributes a significant portion of the total export earnings and government revenue, while providing for most of the food requirements in the region.


If sustainable economic growth is the target then we need a private sector that is working across the agricultural value chain. Africa is a prime location provider for labor intensive businesses such as agriculture. The local markets, in addition to the thriving export market mainly in commodities such as Cacao, Fish, and Timber among many others, ensure sustainable short and long term returns. The underlying high risk perception in African Agriculture Investments can and should be addressed through calculated and local knowhow based plans that have matured along the years.


These success factors that mitigate risks and ensure sustainable growth and profitability are positioning this industry as the most promising industry in many African nations.


OGI’s approach in Agricultural investment is based on the following success factors:


  1. Local Knowhow and Presence
  2. Local Industry Expertise
  3. Innovative funding tools and structures
  4. Securing Solid off take agreements
  5. Employing specialist contract managers to manage the farmers and crop growing
  6. Using appropriate insurance policies that help to offset most of the perils associated with farming
  7. Monitoring and control provided by a team of back-office experts provides business continuity and ensures that business objectives are met.